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Mourad Kharbach: "Chemical characterization, geographical traceability and quality control of Moroccan argan oils: analytical fingerprints and chemometric approaches." (30 june) - pdf bestandAbstract (484 kB)


Johan Viaene: "Quality Control of Traditional Herbal Medicines: Facing challenges in chromatographic-fingerprinting-based identifications through multivariate classification." (9 July) - pdf bestandAbstract (188 kB)

Assia Hamdi: "Biological and chemical investigations of Haplophyllum tuberculatum (Forssk.) A. Juss. Growing in Tunisia." (29 June) - pdf bestandAbstract (193 kB)

Bart De Cock: "Analytical method transfer of capillary electrophoretic methods: development of guidelines to overcome interinstrumental differences." (18 April) - pdf bestandAbstract (128 kB)


Charlene Muscat Galea: "Drug impurity profiling in supercritical fluid chromatography – Understanding the influence of the parameters required for method development." (13 December) - pdf bestandAbstract (142 kB)


Hadewych Halewijck: "Analysis of poliovirus with capillary electrophoresis." (18 May)

Luiz Carlos Klein Jr.: "The use of chemometric tools to study indole alkaloids from species of Palicoureeae (Psychotrieae sensu lato) tribe: a source of multifunctional scaffolds aiming the inhibition of enzymes related to neurodegenerative disorders." (22 March)


Dima Ali E'layan Albals: "Contributions to strategy- and method development for chiral separations in capillary electrochromatography." (13 november) - pdf bestandAbstract (232 kB)


Katrijn De Klerck: "Chiral separations on polysaccharide-based stationary phases in supercritical fluid chromatography." (1 July) - pdf bestandAbstract (105 kB)


Sigrid Pieters: "Near-infrared and Raman spectroscopy for the in-line monitoring of protein unfolding during freeze-drying processes." (9 September) - pdf bestandAbstract (87 kB)


Danstan H. Shewiyo: "Development and validation of HPTLC methods to assay pharmaceutical formulations." (13 September)

Goedele Alaerts: "Chromatographic fingerprints of herbal extracts as tools for identification or quality control." (12 September) - pdf bestandAbstract (94 kB)

Ans Hendrickx: "Chlorinated and non-chlorinated polysaccahride-based chiral stationary phases in capillary electrochromatography." (6 September)

Hasret Ates: "Chlorine-Containing Polysaccharide-Based Chiral Stationary Phases in Polar Organic Solvents Chromatography." (4 July) - pdf bestandAbstract (98 kB)

Ahmed Abdullah AbdelFattah Younes: "Evaluation of Recently Introduced Polysaccharide-Based Chiral Stationary Phases to Update Generic Separation Strategies in NPLC and RPLC." (18 June) - pdf bestandAbstract (95 kB)

Iuliana Oita: "Development and optimization of separation methods for viral compounds." (8 June) - pdf bestandAbstract (104 kB)

Mohammad Goodarzi: "Feature-selection techniques and modeling approaches in QSAR and QSPR." (24 May) - pdf bestandAbstract (96 kB)

Christophe Tistaert: "Data analysis of chromatographic fingerprints." (22 May)- pdf bestandAbstract (97 kB)


Indiana Tanret: “Integrating polymer-based monolithic stationary phases in the capillary format to separate pharmaceuticals.” (21 December) - pdf bestandAbstract (123 kB)


Melanie Dumarey: "Dissimilar chromatographic systems in pharmaceutical analysis and life sciences." (18 December 2009) - pdf bestandAbstract (1.59 MB)


Raf Put: "Alternative approaches to build quantitative structure-retention relationships." (17 September 2008) - pdf bestandAbstract (100 kB)


Sonia Caetano: "Chemometrics: from pharmaceutical analysis to food traceability." (14 September 2007)

Erik Deconinck: "Tree-based modelling approaches to predict membrane passage properties of drugs." (30 May 2007) - pdf bestandAbstract (100 kB)

Bieke Dejaegher: "New aspects in robustness testing." (29 May 2007) - pdf bestandAbstract (114 kB)

Chantal Holvoet: "Cyclodextrins and liposomes in formulations with slightly water soluble pharmaca ." (28 March 2007)

Xavier Capron: "Updating and maintenance of multivariate regression and classification models." (27 February) - pdf bestandAbstract (1.02 MB)

Jan Luypaert: "Data preprocessing methods to improve the results of qualitative and quantitative pharmaceutical NIR applications on creams and green tea." (18 January) - pdf bestandAbstract (292 kB)


Anne-Marie van Nederkassel: "Chemometric analysis of fast liquid chromatographic data obtained on monolythic silica columns" (22 May) - pdf bestandAbstract (476 kB)

Debby Mangelings: "Evaluation of Capillary Electrochromatography as Chiral Separation Technique - Definition of a Generic Separation Strategy." (20 March) - pdf bestandAbstract (116 kB)

Nele Matthijs: "Computer-assisted method development applied to the chiral separation of products of pharmaceutical importance." (26 January) - pdf bestandAbstract (95 kB)


Elke Van Gyseghem: "Orthogonal chromatograhphic systems for the characterisation of impurities in drugs" (17 October) - pdf bestandAbstract (13 kB)

Ivana Stanimirova: "Exploratory analysis of environmental data." (27 September)

Ling Jin: "Simplex local methods for multivariate calibration." (26 September) - pdf bestandAbstract (14 kB)

Frederik Questier: "Contributions to clustering and feature selection methods for clustering." (13 May) - pdf bestandAbstract (110 kB)

Zhang Menghui: "Multivariate calibration of the antioxidant capacity of green tea." (22 March)

Sébastien Gourvénec: "Chemometric methods for batch process control using NIR spectroscopy." (11 February)


Ann Detroyer: "Micellar Liquid Chromatography for high-throughput membrane permeability assessment of drugs". (21 June)

Bisoendath Rambali: "The use of experimental design for pharmaceutical product development." (27 May)


Juan Antonio Fernández Pierna: "Improvements in the multivariate calibration process." (20 February)


Catherine Perrin: "Method development and enhancement of quality of chiral separations." (3 January)

Qian Guo: "Dimension reduction in data mining." (24 May)

Vera Pravdova: "N-way analysis in data processing." (31 May)

Frédéric Estienne: "New trends on multivariate analysis and calibration." (10 December)

Edelgard Hund: "Estimation and reduction of the uncertainty of measurement results in analytical chemistry." (10 December)


Carine Vannecke: "Development of generic flow injection analysis methods." (13 December)


Roy De Maesschalck: "Chemometric characterisation of pharmaceutical substances and products." (19 May)

Frédéric Despagne: "Development and transfer of multivariate calibration models using artificial neural networks." (1 February)

Siriporn Kuttatharmmakul: "Better practices in method validation and in the analysis of censored data." (16 June)


Kris De Braeckeleer : "Multivariate techniques for purity assessment and pharmaceutical reaction monitoring." (23 September)

Baret Monique: "Multivariate calibration methods for analysis of halide ions using an ise array."

Van Keerberghen Pieter: "Development and implementation of a run suitability system for graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry extension to other techniques." (4 February)

Candolfi Andrea: "Direct identification of pharmaceutical products by near-infrared spectroscopy combined with pattern recognition methods." (8 July)


Vander Heyden Yvan: "Ruggedness/Robustness testing in method validation." (7 April)

Centner Vita: "Methods and diagnostics in method validation." (28 May)


Griep Martijn: "Health, nutritional and dental status interfere in the age-induced change of food odor perception and preference." (January)

Penninckx Wim: "Tools for method development and validation in atomic absorption spectrometry." (20 February)

Bouveresse Eric: "Maintenance and transfere of multivariate calibration models based on near-infrared spectroscopy." (18 June)

Fernandes de Aguiar Paula: "A chemometrics approach to optimization of separation models." (6 October)

Wu Wen: "Pattern recognition of spectral data." (24 November)

Bouveresse (Jouan-Rimbaud) Delphine: "Method development in linear multivariate calibration applied to spectroscopic data." (27 November)


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Jimidar Ilias 
Hartmann Christa


Lewi Paul 
De Smet Marina 
Keller Hansruedi 
Qing Yang 
Vandenbosch Christel 
Vercruysse Isabel

Publication lists of FABI

Before 2017 FABI was the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology


From 2017 on, FABI became the Department of Analytical chemistry, Applied Chemometrics and Molecular Modelling